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Advanced Color Technology

Advanced Color How technology is changing the way we use, experience and interpret color.

Think Tank http://lp.wgsn.com/rs/948-BWZ-312/images/Advanced_Colour.pdfCovering apparel, footwear and accessories, colour inspiration, catwalk trends and fashion week highlights, WGSN gives you the clear direction you need to create must-have products for your brand.


New technologies such as 3D printing are bringing about precise, nuanced and fresh applications of colour Alongside the impact of computing on colour, a counter-reaction sees a re-focusing on biology and life sciences, particularly in a wave of projects that explore the process of ‘growing’ colour Many of the most significant new developments in colour also introduce a higher level of customisation and individuality, giving the consumer more choice – and in turn creating a more demanding market The Scribble Pen illustrates the level of control that users can now have. The device ‘samples’ a surface, and then writes in the exact colour. This technology could be adapted for retouching products, customising cars, or even cosmetics application Complex colour is becoming a key signifier for the luxury industry: automotive designers are beginning to layer a number of shades to create advanced lacquers for car exteriors There has recently been the invention of a new colour, Vantablack. The impact of this development looks set to reverberate over the next decade and beyond, making this an exciting time to be working within colour and material

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