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December 9, 2016
Apple Wants to Stream Movies That Are Still in Theaters

Apple is in discussions with major movie studios to offer early access to films about two weeks after they’re released in theaters, a move that points to a growing trend of video content accessed and consumed on demand. Read Article


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At NBCUniversal, Digital’s Audience-Based Buying Is Spilling into TV

Denise Colella, senior vice president of advanced advertising products and strategy at NBCUniversal, discusses the growing interest in audience-driven TV buys, and tells eMarketer the cross-device trends and challenges that could soon apply to TV. Read Interview
An interview with:
Denise Colella
Senior Vice President, Advanced Advertising Products and Strategy
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Bowing to Complaints, Social Networks Debut Anti-Harassment Tools

Social media companies took steps to curb harassment, offering new products that allow users to control who can view and comment on their posts. Read Article

Social Commerce Counts for 30% of Digital Sales in Southeast Asia

Facebook appears to be in strong position to take a leading role in the social commerce space in the region, where digital purchasing is still in the early stages but users are young and mobile. Read Article


Recommended Reading: December 9, 2016

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run could gross $70 million in its first month; Netflix drops subscription price in India; Pokémon Go teams up with Starbucks; and more. Read Article


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Report: Q4 Digital Video Trends

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