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7-Step Checklist to Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile



Michael Stelzner mikestelzner@socialmediaexaminer.com

Dec 16 2016 

7-Step Checklist to Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile
Wondering if your LinkedIn profile is up to date? When was the last time you reviewed your LinkedIn information? Explore seven easy ways to get your LinkedIn presence ready for the new year.

B2B Marketer’s Guide to Data Analytics
Are you a data-driven marketer? Would you like to improve campaigns and increase your marketing ROI? This guide will teach you how to use, analyze and interpret the data at your fingertips. You’ll discover how to identify key trends and measure the metrics most important to your business. Download now. (Sponsor)

Social Media Engagement Delivered Offline
Are you a brick and mortar business that wants to boost your social media promotion? Would you like to make the customers who visit you every day count? Discover Flapit, a simple, effective offline solution to augment your social media presence with a unique touch point. Connect to all major social media platforms and promote organic social media growth with this limited time special offer. (Sponsor)

Industry’s Largest Social Media Marketing Event–Sale Ends Today
Social Media Marketing World. “Best conference I’ve ever been to,” said Harry Hurt. Three days of networking, discovery and fun at the San Diego Convention Center. Experience 140+ sessions & workshops led by top industry experts. Connect with 4,000 attendees from around the world. New for 2017: Creator Series for bloggers, YouTubers, live video producers and podcasters. Don’t miss it!

How Snapchat and Periscope Can Grow a Business
Do you want to use Periscope for business? Wondering how to incorporate your brand into your Snapchat stories? To find out how to use Snapchat and Periscope for business, read this article with insights from John Kapos, also known as Chocolate Johnny.

In Case You Missed It: 10 Metrics to Track for Social Media Success
Do you want to measure the impact of your social media marketing efforts? Wondering which social media metrics you should focus on? Analyzing the raw data on campaign performance helps you determine which tactics are working. Find out how to track the top 10 social media metrics you should be monitoring on Facebook and Twitter.

Mike Stelzner
Founder, Social Media Examiner

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