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Build an Open Garden



Control your data, extend your reach, grow your revenue


A new movement in marketing is growing – and you’re probably starting to hear about it in the media, at events, and in the boardroom.

Open Garden is a blueprint for a marketing and advertising ecosystem that’s connected at the data layer.

By building your own Open Garden, you can bring together your fragmented platforms, partners, applications and channels.

Then you’ll be in a position to deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences your customers might just shed tears for.

But here’s the all-important part: building an Open Garden means you no longer have to cede control of your data to any vendor, or limit your reach to any channel or application.

You control and manage the data too – using it to drive better-informed analysis and more contextual, successful interactions in every channel.

This is marketers’ biggest chance yet to improve reach, revenue and ROI.

Your Open Garden will help you:

  • Improve your targeting, conversion, retention, loyalty and upsell
  • Integrate your ecosystem (without huge IT resources)
  • Squeeze value out of all your data
  • Work seamlessly with every major tech vendor and publisher (without giving up control over your data)
  • Connect and optimize your offline and online marketing
  • Personalize marketing while respecting privacy
  • Justify your martech and adtech investments
  • Keep up with innovation while maintaining your sanity

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