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Internet Retailer has released Behind the Online Apparel Boom



Internet Retailer has released Behind the Online Apparel Boom, an exclusive 38-page research report analyzing and documenting the web merchants driving this shift in apparel retailing from stores to the web. Packed with 31 tables and charts based on data culled from our proprietary Top 1000 Database, the report analyzes all aspects of the nation’s 250 largest retail web sites that specialize primarily in apparel—their sales and growth rates, their make-up by type of merchant and their rank and growth rate based on the type of apparel they sell.

The Report Contains Exclusive Data & Analysis

In all cases, the report seeks to explain how all of these factors affect the growth of online apparel sales. Readers will learn the financial and marketing details and receive a detailed analysis of the top 250 e-retailers leading the online apparel boom, including:

  • Online apparel sales figures of Amazon and dozens of other market leaders
  • The first-ever sales measurement of each of 17 classes of apparel merchandise online—what sells best, what’s growing fastest and who’s in the lead
  • The sales and growth rates of the 10 largest and 10 fastest-growing apparel e-retailers
  • Rankings and growth rates of all 250 online apparel leaders by merchandise category
  • Marketing statistics highlighting the most and least effective marketing practices
  • Shopper demographics and trends of the leading online apparel merchants
Learn More Buy Now ($299)

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