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LinkedIn Matched Audiences: A Remarketing Guide for LinkedIn
Wondering how to retarget your website visitors on LinkedIn? Want to use LinkedIn ads to reach your non-responsive email contacts? Learn how to use LinkedIn Matched Audiences to deliver marketing messages based on website retargeting, account targeting, and email contact targeting.

Social Media Marketing Society: Live Monthly Professional Development
The Social Media Marketing Society provides you three live workshop-style training sessions each month–fully online. You also get access to 70+ on-demand workshops. Leading pros who practice, experiment with, and teach social media marketing show you how to speed your path to success–all live from the comfort of your office chair. ENDING FRIDAY: Save $300 on your membership.

How to Research Your Competitors on Instagram
Wondering what your competitors are up to on Instagram? Want to compare their marketing efforts to yours? Discover how to research how your competitors market on Instagram to find new ways to reach your shared customer base.

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