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The Complete List of Amazon’s Private Label Brands


If you purchase from Amazon often, chances are you’re not just using the site’s distribution and shipping channels anymore.

With dozens upon dozens of private label brands to its name, you’re likely buying Amazon-manufactured products, too—and you probably don’t even know it.

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If it sounds like an exaggeration, steel yourself: Data shows that Amazon private label brands are pretty much taking over their markets.

According to 1010data Market Insights, which analyzed sales trends on the site’s private label brands for a full year, Amazon products are making serious headway.

Amazon’s batteries, for example, saw 93 percent year-over-year growth and now account for 94 percent of all batteries sold on Amazon.com.

Baby wipes—sold under the Amazon Elements line—hold a 16 percent market share, sitting just behind big-name brands like Huggies and Pampers. The line has grown 266 percent over the year.

But these are just tiny peeks into the true power that Amazon’s private label brands hold.

With products listed in dozens of categories and verticals—many of them listed with no obvious association or affiliation with Amazon whatsoever—the megalith retailer is poised to take over online shopping with ease.

Have you purchased any products from an Amazon private label brand? Check the list below and see for yourself.

The Complete List of Amazon’s Private Label Brands:

Amazon Private Label (Food)

There are three distinct Amazon private label food brands, each with a unique offering and target audience.

First, there’s Amazon Happy Belly, which offers kitchen basics like coffee, trail mix and nuts. You can even get one of the site’s proprietary Dash Buttons, which allows you to order Happy Belly products with the click of a handy button.

amazon private label brands

For parents, there’s Mama Beara newly launched brand that—once fully up and running—will offer baby foods, snacks and even diapers.

amazon private label brands

And finally, there’s Wickedly Prime, a snack food line aimed at the Trader Joe’s market. It boasts chips, cookies, popcorn, soups, herbal teas, nuts, spreads and other gourmet items.

amazon private labels

Amazon Private Label (Fashion)

Fashion is evidently a big part of Amazon’s future plans; the site has launched more than a dozen proprietary clothing lines that we currently know of. Aimed at different demos and genders, they offer a little something for everyone.

amazon private labels
It’s been rumored that Amazon will launch another yet-to-be-named private label brand later this year, one that will focus on athletic wear and yoga clothing. This has not been confirmed by Amazon as of today.

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Amazon Private Label (Supplements)

Amazon Elements is easily one of the most successful private label brands Amazon has launched. With dozens vitamins, supplements and other health and exercise-related items, it’s a line exclusive to Prime members only. Elements also boasts Amazon’s line of baby wipes, which—as I mentioned earlier—has experienced serious growth over the last couple of years.

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Amazon Private Label (Electronics)

The Amazon Echo is the Amazon’s biggest foray into electronics. The Internet-connected speakers hold a 45-percent market share among voice-based electronics, and its sales have grown 67 percent year over year since launching in 2015.

The Amazon Tap—another type of connected speaker—just hit the market.

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Amazon Basics—the oldest of the Amazon private label brands—is a full line of electronics, including USB cords, disposable batteries, computer mice and speakers, tripods, laptop bags and more. It was launched in 2009.

Amazon Private Label (Household)

Though there are some household items under the Amazon Elements line, the site offers two other private label brands specifically for home décor and cleaning items.

The first, dubbed Presto!, provides bio-based cleaners, detergents, dish soaps and more.

Pinzon is more décor-related, offering sheets, comforters, duvets, mattress pads, bedding sets and bath accessories, like shower curtains, towels and washcloths.

amazon private label brands

There’s More to Come

Amazon is constantly adding more private label brands—many of which are launched without much to-do. We’ll be sure to add new lines as we become aware of them, so check back here soon for the latest updates.

For more information on Amazon’s Private Label brands, email tara@cpcstrategy.com


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