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MicroStrategy Webcasts


MicroStrategy Webcasts
August 23, 2017
Ask an Expert: MicroStrategy Enterprise Cloud
Join this live Q&A webcast to learn about MicroStrategy Enterprise Cloud solutions. The floor will be open for all attendees to ask any questions they might have about cloud computing and the MicroStrategy platform.

Attend this session to:

  • View a quick demo of new MicroStrategy Cloud offerings
  • Learn more about MicroStrategy Cloud and MicroStrategy on AWS
  • Ask questions that you’ve always wanted the answers to
  • Benefit from hearing questions posed by other attendees
MicroStrategy Webcasts
September 7, 2017
Allscripts: Using Clinical Analytics to Enable Smarter Care
Allscripts is a leading provider of integrated healthcare IT solutions. Using innovative technology products, the company enables smarter care for healthier patients, populations, and communities. Allscripts provides customers with data-driven applications, built using MicroStrategy, that provide the key insights needed to make better healthcare decisions.

Attend this webcast to see:

  • How Allscripts uses MicroStrategy embedded analytics to power data-driven products that enable smarter care for clients/patients
  • Examples of how Allscripts is using advanced clinical analytics to improve healthcare for certain populations
  • A demo of the MicroStrategy integration within the Allscripts portal
MicroStrategy Webcasts
September 13, 2017
MicroStrategy Mobile Security, EMM, and AppConfig
Many organizations leverage third-party enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions to govern workforce mobile devices, applications, and services. This can include updates, access settings, device restrictions, password protocols, and more. MicroStrategy Mobile offers native SDK integration with popular EMM providers, incorporating a wide range of security features that can be used to keep your apps and data secure.

This session will cover:

  • How to mitigate security risks while deploying apps to a vast number of users with MicroStrategy Mobile and AirWatch, MobileIron, or Good Dynamics
  • How MicroStrategy Mobile supports EMM capabilities by incorporating guidelines set by the AppConfig Community
  • Deploying mobile apps via an EMM such as AirWatch and MaaS360, with product demonstrations
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