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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Chambray Shirt

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Chambray and denim shirts have been popular for quite a few seasons now, and for good reason. They are, hands down, one of the easiest trends to wear. They’re also the glue that ties many other spring trends together (as you’ll see in this guide).

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the chambray. Some of my favorites are from J Crew (I have this one), Lauren by RL and Urban Outfitters.

More options…

However, I’m sad to see that many women have avoided purchasing a chambray because they’re just not sure how to wear them. That’s where I come in. Because one of the questions I get asked most often is how to pull off the chambray (or I get asked how to wear other things and the answer is always “with a chambray!”), I decided it was time to put together a guide. So here are my tips for wearing a chambray or denim shirt. Enjoy!

Image on left via See Jane. Image on right is me.

So if you add one thing to your wardrobe this spring, make it a chambray or denim shirt. In fact, make it two – because if you follow these tips for wearing yours, you’ll get so much use out of it that you’ll want to own both.

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Bella Fantasique – Midnight Sparkle Collection

December 9, 2009 2 comments

Here are the images from Missy Lavecchia”s Bella Fantasique – Midnight Sparkle Collection. These are the fashions created for Missy’s first solo show in Second Life last Monday evening titled “Jewels of Winter”.

You don’t actually have to be in-world to purchase these virtual garments. You can go to the Xstreet SL Marketplace, purchase them there and they will automatically be delivered to your inventory in-world or if you purchase them as a gift they will be delivered to your gift recipients inventory in world.

Here is a link to Missy’s Bella Fantastique – Midnight Sparkle collection at Xstreet. If the link does not work correctly go to Xstreet SL Marketplace and search for “Bella Fantastique – Midnight Sparkle.”

Links to other related blog postings about Missy:

Second Life Retail Branding?

September 18, 2007 Leave a comment


There is an interesting quote in the article “Virtual style? In Another Life, “9/19/07 in the London-based Financial Times by Sabrina Dent, alias Sabrina Doolittle, of Linden Lifestyles, Second Life “is an excellent platform for building relationships, cementing brands and building consumer loyalty – yet few real-life brands are doing those things correctly” adds Dent.This article is an excellent resource for anyone interested in retail branding and marketing in Second Life – it’s a must read. It addresses how Second Life can change the way we shop – but from what I have been seeing – avatars of all types are already changing the way we shop. My Virtual Model and E-Mees are well on their way to achieving that retail marketing goal – virtual worlds like Second Life are the logical next step. Here is an interesting piece about the making of the sidebar image (pictured above).

NMC 2007 Symposium on Creativity in Second Life

September 9, 2007 2 comments

I want to let anyone reading this blog know what a wonderful, enriching, educational, and creative experience my week at the NMC 2007 Symposium on Creativity, August 12-18th, 2007 has been. I only regret not being able to spend more time there. I was quite stressed in the beginning because this was all still somewhat new to me and I wanted to do my very best for the NMC Symposium on Creativity in Second Life.  The entire staff as well as the participants was exceptional with their openness and willingness to assist, facilitate and help everything to go as smooth as possible. Meeting and connecting with so many others that believed in sharing, learning together, and everyone helping each other to move forward towards their individual goals was a total joy.  

I participated in a booth display at the Learning Exposition in the NMC Conference Center. My display was titled: Innovative Pedagogical Techniques for Fashion Education in Second Life.” I also presented an hour in-world session titled, “Expeditious Fashion Basics with a Creative Twist.”   This 60 minute session expeditiously introduced and provided materials and information to participants for developing (and organizing) an inventory of basic fashion outfits.  The session included several basic fashion suits, shoes, ties, wigs, and flexi skirts for m/f avatars (w/all permissions opened) that could be modified during the session.  The session also included several large original texture collections that participants were free to use to expand and modify their current clothing folders. The original texture collections included with the session are compliments of Fashion and Fiber Design students.  The entire session had a link to a web-site with video tutorials.  

Here is a link to some images I snapped during my week at the Symposium.  If you look over the images I posted on Flickr, you will notice the virtual images of DanCoyote’s  ZeroG SkyDancer Performance. It was an indescribable experience for me to be able to view this virtual live performance from any one point of an xyz 360 degree angle as it was actually happening! It was aesthetically and technically stimulating to the senses. After experiencing a full virtual week’s participation at the NMC Symposium I can definitely agree with many others that the real value of second life is building many types of learning communities. The networking possibilities are spectacular and unlimited. The primary focus should not merely be replicating things from the real world but making contacts, building new learning communities, exploring and experimenting with the potential of this new virtual world where anything “is” quite possible.closing session at NMC 2007The closing session was excellent, it included an amazing  video titled “Watch the World’s),”that perfectly exemplifies all the unlimited exciting creative possibilities a virtual world can provide for networking, education and creative expression, a keynote address by Larry Johnson (aka: Larry Pixel) on “Why Creativity Matters” and a Virtual Panel Session from participants located all over the globe titled,” Reflections on Creativity in Second Life.”
Here is a link to the week’s events at the NMC Symposium on Creativity:
Here are some audio/video links from the Symposium
Please tell anyone there interested in Second Life to have their organization join the NMC in  RL as well as joining the NMC Guest group in SL to visit this amazing collaborative educational complex in SL.
Many colleges appear to have a primary educational island sim and several attached specialized learning sims for different generalized areas of study. Hopefully we are starting to create a base foundation for that with the initial establishment of the Buffalo State Island. We still have to surmount the hardware/security issues but we work very hard to accommodate anyone on campus that wants to research and explore the possibilities in SL. 

NMC is a wonderful mechanism to link internationally to others with similar interests. This is an area that can be really be developed for faculty as well as to encourage students to meet others, experience other cultures virtually and follow-up with a RL exchange that was initiated by an NMC International Linking initiative.

Virtual Fashion Project Spring 2007

September 9, 2007 3 comments

It’s been far too long since I posted to this Virtual Fashion Technology Blog and much has happened since I traveled to Toronto to participate in the IFFTI concerence at Ryerson. I will try to catch up with the last several months of activity this weekend.In the last 7 weeks of the spring 2007 semester, my class completed a Virtual Fashion Project that led to some exciting discoveries of how virtual simulations can enhance and expand fashion education.As soon as I returned from the IFFTI 2007 conference, my class started really getting into the Virtual Fashion project that we had planned for the second half of the Fashion CAD course in the Fashion Textile Technology Program at Buffalo State College. The project involved Second Life and Virtual Fashion PRO®. It was purely an exploratory undertaking. I first heard of Second Life last fall (2006) when I saw an article by Andrew Lavalle published in the Wall Street Journal online about a virtual fashion designer making a living on designing virtual clothing. The entire concept was hard for me to take serious as virtual worlds were not in myt “digital relam” up until that point. But It peaked my interest and I began to think about exploring the possibilities of simulating fashion education concepts in Second Life.

That initial curiosity lead to formulation of a BSC SL Campus Pilot Group and the SUNY Research Foundation sponsoring an educational island in Second Life for campus projects. We set up a WIKI to document our exploration. Here is a link to a video clip the campus group created this past summer.

The results for the multidisciplinary field of Fashion were exciting to say the least. Multiple aspects of fashion design, development, merchandising, advertising and promotion can benefit from developing custom project simulations in the virtual world.
For example, the virtual world would be an excellent environment for simulated development of a virtual business plan, theme, store layout and design, branding, product development and marketing. All the aspects involved in real world production of a fashion show can be simulated in the virtual world as well as fashion product design, development and presentation.The virtual world of Second Life provides students with the advantage of gaining a specialized conceptual skill set from working in a 3D virtual reality environment that is free to access. This open source virtual world will begin to prepare students for emerging employer expectations.3D virtual reality course materials and development in Second Life will also pave the way for exploration into the possibilities of development of long distance shared courseware and student/faculty/program collaborations.


Virtual Fashion PRO Fashion Layout

I have placed extensive documentation relating to the process of the Virtual Fashion Project on the BSC WIKI.  I have also compiled a FAQ page to address the many questions others have asked me about the project.

The final projects from the students for the 7 week virtual fashion project involve a SL virtual fashion show video (example above) from each student, an in world virtual fashion vendor exhibit and professional portfolio layouts created in Virtual Fashion PRO® (example above). Students designed the garments and surface textures.

Virtual Fashion FRI Spring/Summer 2010 Courses

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