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Infographic Alert: Multichannel Marketing Can Be Puzzling

November 2, 2013 Leave a comment


November 1, 2013 –

by Elyse Dupre and James Jarnot

Creating optimal customer experiences is a top priority for many retailers. In fact, 65% of retail executives polled say providing the best customer experience possible is the most important factor when obtaining approval for sales and marketing technology investments, according to the “Breaking Through Customer Engagement Barriers with Innovative Marketing and Technologies” report by Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Retail Touchpoints. And the best customer experiences are those that are relevant—powered by multichannel customer data and messaging.

However, piecing this multichannel data together can leave marketers feeling puzzled. According to the report, 47% of retail executives rank “using their existing customer data effectively,” as their greatest marketing challenge, followed by “integrating social and mobile data” (18%), “using analytics” (11%), and “integrating new data” (8%).

When it comes to completing the overall picture of the customer, a majority of marketers (58%) agree that transactional and purchase history information are the most valuable types of data, the report notes. Following far behind in importance are behavioral and attitudinal data (14%) and demographic data (14%). Just 5% of respondents say social media data is the most valuable, and only 2% list Web browsing history data as important, according to the report. This lack of emphasis on key areas of customer data may leave puzzling gaps in insight.

Real-time data also proves to be a brain twister. The report cites that less than a quarter of respondents (23%) use real-time data to generate customer offers frequently and less than one third (30%) admit to doing so infrequently. In fact, 11% say they don’t use real-time data to produce customer offers at all. However, 36% say they would like to do so in the future.

But piecing together multichannel data isn’t the only thing retailers are stumped on. They also struggle with multichannel messaging. According to the report, only 37% of retail executives provide consistent marketing messages across all channels. Of the remaining 63%, 50% say they synchronize their messaging across some channels, but not all, and 13% say they treat each channel separately.


Elyse Dupre is a reporter at Direct Marketing News and covers ever-evolving trends in the marketing world.James Jarnot is the Art Director at Direct Marketing News.

Real and Virtual Buffalo State Loves Cotton Exhibitions

A number of class projects from the Buffalo State College Loves Cotton education grant sponsored by Cotton Inc. have already been completed.

During the summer of 2011 [June & July] a real world exhibit will be on display in the E.H. Butler library on the campus of Buffalo State College. This exhibit will be changing and installed by Dr Lynn Boorady, the project director for this Cotton Inc. education grant. Another real world Buffalo Loves Cotton exhibit is planned for 234 Gallery September 18 – 24, 2011.


A virtually created exhibition of the Buffalo State Loves Cotton project has been developed by Elaine Polvinen and is currently open on the Buffalo State Island in Second Life. This exhibit will be in place until 12/31/11. You are invited to visit the exhibit in the virtual world of Second Life.

There are several options for you to visit the virtual exhibition. The first option [if you are not already a member of the SL community]  is to download and join Second Life [It’s free to join].

  • Link to What is Second Life HERE .
  •  Link to Download Second Life HERE.  
  • Link to Join Second Life HERE.

Install the Second Life application on your computer. Then go to the link to join Second Life. You first choose an avatar, then register for Second Life [remember it is free to join] and get a user name and password. Once you complete the registration and select and avatar you can open the second life application. You will need to type in your user name and password. The first time you enter the world of Second Life you will experience about a  30 minute self-help tutorial on Orientation Welcome Island  that will guide you through the steps of learning how to communicate, walk, move around [using move tools], camera controls, how to sit, fly, and change you avatars basic appearance. I believe also covers the basics of search, using the map, opening a note card and buying things in Second Life.

Here is a video to show you with the Welcome Orientation island is like HERE

Once you have completed the tutorial you can teleport over to the Buffalo State region by clicking on the SURL.

Clicking on this SLURL [Second Life URL] will take you to the landing location [image on left] on the Buffalo State island.

When you land on the Buffalo State island [sponsored by the Research Foundation] turn around and you will see the posters for the Buffalo Loves Cotton exhibit in the back of the first floor of the Research building. The actual BLC exhibit is up the curved ramp to the second floor.

Here is a link to my slideshow in FLICKR that will familiarize you with the exhibit area before you go.

Another option is only open to educators. If you are an educator and would like to get a virtual tour of the Buffalo Loves Cotton exhibit for your students please contact me at

Buffalo Loves Cotton Texture Gallery for Second Life

Very soon there will be a Buffalo State Loves Cotton virtual exhibition opening in Second Life. All of the final selected Buffalo Loves Cotton seamless textures that were used to create the Fashion Mash Collection for Runway 4.0 are here in this gallery and will also be available at the  exhibition in Second Life [free with all permissions opened] for you to use for your virtual creations.

So you can either right mouse click and copy them from this blog post and upload them for $10L each or you can visit the exhibit when it opens and get them all in world for free. They are all 412 X 512 pixels.

Second Life Buffalo Loves Cotton Project

Buffalo Loves Cotton in Second Life

The spring 2011 FashionCAD class worked on a Buffalo Loves Cotton in Second Life project. This was but one of many class projects for the FashionCAD class and one of multiple Fashion and Textile Technology course projects that are part of the Buffalo State Loves Cotton Inc. Education Grant. Students signed up for Second Life and first learned the basics of moving, flying and communicating before all meeting up on the Buffalo State island in Second Life. [note: The Buffalo State island in Second Life is sponsored by the Research Foundation at Buffalo State College]

Once there they were able to practice snapshots with the poseballs. They familiarized themselves with the Appearance menu to develop clothing inside Second Life before learning how to develop a customized design using a UV map. Their first UV map project students worked on was with a t-shirt using one of their custom designs. Once they became familiar with how a UV map could be used to develop custom garments, they uploaded some of the custom repeat patterns they developed for previous assignments. Their final Second Life project goal was to replicate the Buffalo Loves Cotton garments using surface patterns and garment designs developed by a previous group of students. They used Robin Wood’s Second Life UV maps to draw garments similar to the ones that were developed and constructed for the Runway 4.0 event. Once their Buffalo Loves garments were created they used the poseballs to take snapshots of their avatars [image above].

The conclusion of the Second Life module was a Buffalo Loves Cotton fashion show. Students activated an animation object and practiced walking their avatars before the final video [above] on the runway.

Buffalo Loves Cotton Posts:

OptiTex: Buffalo Loves Cotton Fashion Mash

The Buffalo Loves Cotton Fashion Mash line-up is a group of 15 garments that were developed sequentially with a collaborative series of projects in different fashion classes. The Fashion Mash line up will be a featured scene in the upcoming Runway 4.0 that will take place this Saturday, April 16th, 2011 at the Pierce Arrow building  on Elmwood Avenue  in Buffalo, NY at 4PM and 8:30PM. More information on the BSCRUNWAY blog. The fabrics were selected from projects in FTT304: Adobe Pattern Development for Industry. Garment designs were part of a larger project in FTT308: FashionCAD. Garment patterns were developed on the OptiTex multi-dimensional application in the FTT327: Computerized Patternmaking class. Some garments were draped in FTt328: Draping and garment construction took place in FTt324: Industrial Apparel Assembly.

The Buffalo Loves Cotton Fashion Mash line-up is part of a larger year long Cotton Inc. education grant. More information can be located by goggling “Buffalo Loves Cotton.”

Buffalo Loves Cotton: OptiTex Project

The students in the Fashion Technology program at Buffalo State College working on the collaborative Buffalo State Loves Cotton project [sponsored by Cotton INC]  recently completed computerized flat patterns for garments that were designed by students in another class. Once the garment patterns were developed using the OptiTex PDS application they were stitched together and the repeat designs that were developed by another class were applied to them and then simulations were created using the OptiTex 3D module. Pasted below is a four-way image of a 3D garment simulation using the OptiTex system.

To see many more of the OptiTex students designs and video rotational views of their garment simulations CLICK THIS LINK to access the FTT Adobe Student Gallery Buffalo Loves Cotton OptiTex post. These garments will be featured in Runway 4.0. The April 16th, 2011 Runway 4.0 event tickets are currently on sale. CLICK HERE to get ticket info.

Optitex has an online 3D virtual clothing application where you can try on garments and view them in 3D mode. CLICK HERE to link to it.

Buffalo Loves Cotton Posts:

Buffalo Loves Cotton Fashions

Another phase of the Buffalo Loves Cotton concluded when a grouping of print repeat designs that the students created as part of the Buffalo Loves Cotton project were selected along with fashion flats from another group of students. The selected prints were combined with the fashion flats to develop the Buffalo Loves Cotton fashion grouping. You can view the selected prints on the garments by CLICKING HERE.

The garment grouping will be featured in Runway 4.0. The April 16th, 2011 Runway 4.0 event tickets are currently on sale. CLICK HERE to get ticket info.

Buffalo Loves Cotton Posts:

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