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Bella Fantasique – Midnight Sparkle Collection

December 9, 2009 2 comments

Here are the images from Missy Lavecchia”s Bella Fantasique – Midnight Sparkle Collection. These are the fashions created for Missy’s first solo show in Second Life last Monday evening titled “Jewels of Winter”.

You don’t actually have to be in-world to purchase these virtual garments. You can go to the Xstreet SL Marketplace, purchase them there and they will automatically be delivered to your inventory in-world or if you purchase them as a gift they will be delivered to your gift recipients inventory in world.

Here is a link to Missy’s Bella Fantastique – Midnight Sparkle collection at Xstreet. If the link does not work correctly go to Xstreet SL Marketplace and search for “Bella Fantastique – Midnight Sparkle.”

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First (Ever!) Virtual World-Based Fashion Design Conference

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Head on over to Shenlei Winkler’s [FRI] post detailing last minute preparation for the Threading the Needle Fashion Design Conference

Patterning History:
Preparing for the First (Ever!)
Virtual World-Based
Fashion Design Conference.

I visited the conference area in the images below. Shenlei orientated my avatar and provided it with clothing, hair, skin and shoes. Thank you Shenlei! Here is a link to the FRI orientation page. I visited the conference area where I will be presenting.

I managed to snap an image of Steven Zucker obsessing about his avatar’s nose. It look just fine to me Steven! 🙂

Threading the Needle:The Future of Fashion Design Conference

November 28, 2009 2 comments

Fashion Research Institute  will be presenting and sponsoring the first virtual world-based fashion design conference in history. It is titled: Threading the Needle: The Future of Fashion Design. This is a free conference for for fashion design students and new designers it will run will run Thursday, December 3rd from 8 am – 5 pm EDT.

Conference speakers include Kerry Bannigan (CEO, Nolcha Fashion Week); Fiona Jenvey (CEO, Mudpie); Beth Harris (Director of Digital Learning, MOMA-NYC); Crosby Noricks (Founder, PR Couture); Suzie Norris-Reeves (FHEA, Head of School, Southampton Solent University); Elaine Polvinen (Professor & Coordinator – Fashion Textile Technology, Buffalo State University); Michiel Thissen  (Founder, Mythos Consultancy); Shenlei Winkler (CEO, Fashion Research Institute); Steven Zucker (Dean of Graduate Studies, FIT).

The conference is free for all attendees – simply create a user account on the ScienceSim grid at Then download the software, and log in. It’s that simple, and both the software and the conference are free. 

You will need to make a simple change to the viewer to ‘point’ it to ScienceSim:

 When you start the Hippo viewer, click on the “Grids” button to select one of the grids. The first time you run Hippo, you will need to click on the “Grids” button. Click on the “Add” button at the top, enter the URL in the Login URI field, then click on the “Get Grid Info” button to fill in the details. If you will be using Hippo exclusively to access the ScienceSim grid, then make sciencesim the default.

Attendees will want to log in a little early and customize their avatars, so they feel comfortable with their avatar representation and with the interface.  There are 45 minute orientation sessions which will be provided on November 19th and 26th from 1-2 pm EDT, and November 29 from 9-10 am EDT.  Experienced mentors will be on hand to guide you through the orientation, which takes about 30 minutes, with 15 minutes to customize your avatar.

For more information, please visit or contact admin @


December 9, 2007 Leave a comment

This is the FIT@SL video post from the presentations at FIT 12/4/07.

Watch the Video!

It’s a MOV file that needs Quicktime and it takes a bit long to download but I think you will enjoy it.

Fashion + Virtual + Technology

December 8, 2007 4 comments

I received an excellent link about virtual technology and the fashion industry from JeanRicard Broek this evening. It’s called Tech and fashion just off the runway, posted by Candace Lombardi, 12/04/07.

One of the links was all about the meeting at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston this past Tuesday. The event was hosted by Moda e Technologia.There were some big players there including Linden Labs and MVM.

The talk there was about the fashion industries virtually developing worlds that focus on the themes and lifestyles that they try to develop with their fashion collections and brands.

The hope is that infusing fashion into the virtual worlds will pull in shoppers that otherwise would not even think to venture into the virtual worlds. I respectfully suggest that they focus primarely on the tweens that are already addicted to the various proprietary virtual worlds. The only way you will get the masses to shop in a virtual world on a mass market level is through the Web Browser – get busy developers…..Linden Lab? IBM? MetaPlace? MVM? Free the Avatars for all of us!

Boy oh boy do I agree with the quote from Dennis Valle, director of media interaction at Dolce & Gabbana, who said that “the move to digital is a big jump that will require teaching a whole industry a new vocabulary and explanation of context.”

Hey Dennis – the move to digital was 20 years ago – the move now is to 3D virtual reality – I believe that is what you were referring to. The move to virtual is now rapidly converging from all directions and if you think it’s going to be a big job to teach the industry how would you like to try to change the monolithic educational system to respond to today’s fast changing virtual technology advances?

I loved the question that the audience asked of Louise Guay from MVM, they must have delighted her.

The other article in CNET News titled, ” CAD software is the new black
By Candace Lombardi, 12/07/07

Now this is an area (CAD for textiles & apparel) I definitely have expertise in because I have been researching, teaching, retooling and developing coursework in this area for about 20 years now. In fact, the title of my M.F.A. thesis was “CAD Applications for textiles,” (are you ready?) in 1989!

Actually the article was quite through with mentioning the major CAD players except for the BIG exclusion of OptiTex – the top of the line unparalled 3D product development application and of course SymmetryWorks and ClicDesign plug ins for Adobe. Here is a link to my previous post on Optitex: It’s a Reality: Optitex Enables Total Integration 2D>3D>2D Fashion Product Development

Do you believe this?

Lectra and Gerber are very, very big players but their 3D applications are late comers and are behind the application development and upgrading of OptiTex.  Did you see the promotional Gerber 3D virtual images above with the ragged white pixels  around the virtual figures? I don’t even believe that one. They both have loads of other fashion/textile/product development related software though.

I don’t get it?

I must say I downloaded and explored the (Lectra) Kaledo 3D Trend application (pictured above) several months ago and for the love of me I could not figure out why someone would want to do 3D virtual trend presentation in a proprietary application (that they pay $$ for) when they could do exactly the same thing and much more (trend presentation and product development) in Second Life (which is free) and actually present it to your clients in a virtual setting similar to the product lifecycle management solution that the Fashion Research Institute is developing with IBM.

The article concludes with the Lectra Americas President David Rode stating that “he’s very interested to see how fashion executives respond to the idea of designing for avatars and extending their visions into the virtual space.”  Quite frankly, so am I. Good luck David getting the fashion executives to wrap their 2D minds around that virtual vision, you should journal that research project.  You will have your work cut out for you as I am sure some of them are still struggling with the digital transformation that took place 20 years ago. I hear from various industry sources that the need to continually upgrade hardware/software just to keep pace with the rapid advances currently taking place in the industry is not always welcomed or understood…in this country at least.  I think you may have more luck with the product lifecycle solution or the 3D virtual Web Browser that will surely come soon…. FREE THE AVATARS!
Thank you JeanRicard.

Today’s Post on FIT @ SL Blog

December 5, 2007 2 comments

Here is my post from the summerizing my Presentation at FIT last Friday 11/30/07 and today 12/04/07 along with Beth Harris, Shenlei Winkler, and Nyla Kazakoff. Here is a link to some Flickr images from SL. Hopefully Beth or Shenlei will add some RL images.

FITat SL POST: ELaine Polvinen:
Teaching Fashion in a Virtual Environment

Left to right: Shenlei, Elaine and Nyla in SL
Elaine is wearing one of Nyla’s fashions

Buffalo State Fashion Student Exhibit SURL 

Beth spoke about her first experiences in SL and that she too was questioning the value that a virtual world could provide to educators. She spoke about how excited she felt when she arranged to meet up with a RL friend that she had not seen in a long time in SL. The emotional connection she experienced meeting that person in SL was totally new to her and far more connected then she thought could be possible in a virtual world. She has been researching the teaching possibilities every since.

Nyla [House of Nyla] spoke about how her virtual SL development is extending her RL designer brand on an international level and Shenlei Winkler [FRI] spoke about her research with the speed and cost effectiveness of product development in a virtual world. Shenlei is a RL fashion design product developer on a mass market level.  She stated that the entire fashion product development process is currently undergoing rapid transformation over to virtual development. Development in a virtual world will enable fashion product developers to instantly “connect virtually” to work on design, develop and prototype a new product in a fraction of the time it take in the RL. Here is an article titled, ” Will your SL wardrobe soon be coming to a closet near you?” by Scarlett Qi that was posted today about her work in the SLNN Business News.

Nyla and Shenlei will be posting their summary on the FIT @ SL soon.

Beth and Shenlei were there in person and Nyla and I were in Second Life. This was a real experience for me especially since I was in the middle of a SUNY Project LIVE presentation at Monroe Community College last Friday and I left to participate virtually in the presentation at FIT. Talk about multi-tasking! At the same time my BSC students were watching audio/videos that I made to cover our weekly class scheduled at the same time. Whew! Technology is wonderful ….when it all works.

When it doesn’t you must always have a plan A, plan B, plan C, etc.

NMC 2007 Symposium on Creativity in Second Life

September 9, 2007 2 comments

I want to let anyone reading this blog know what a wonderful, enriching, educational, and creative experience my week at the NMC 2007 Symposium on Creativity, August 12-18th, 2007 has been. I only regret not being able to spend more time there. I was quite stressed in the beginning because this was all still somewhat new to me and I wanted to do my very best for the NMC Symposium on Creativity in Second Life.  The entire staff as well as the participants was exceptional with their openness and willingness to assist, facilitate and help everything to go as smooth as possible. Meeting and connecting with so many others that believed in sharing, learning together, and everyone helping each other to move forward towards their individual goals was a total joy.  

I participated in a booth display at the Learning Exposition in the NMC Conference Center. My display was titled: Innovative Pedagogical Techniques for Fashion Education in Second Life.” I also presented an hour in-world session titled, “Expeditious Fashion Basics with a Creative Twist.”   This 60 minute session expeditiously introduced and provided materials and information to participants for developing (and organizing) an inventory of basic fashion outfits.  The session included several basic fashion suits, shoes, ties, wigs, and flexi skirts for m/f avatars (w/all permissions opened) that could be modified during the session.  The session also included several large original texture collections that participants were free to use to expand and modify their current clothing folders. The original texture collections included with the session are compliments of Fashion and Fiber Design students.  The entire session had a link to a web-site with video tutorials.  

Here is a link to some images I snapped during my week at the Symposium.  If you look over the images I posted on Flickr, you will notice the virtual images of DanCoyote’s  ZeroG SkyDancer Performance. It was an indescribable experience for me to be able to view this virtual live performance from any one point of an xyz 360 degree angle as it was actually happening! It was aesthetically and technically stimulating to the senses. After experiencing a full virtual week’s participation at the NMC Symposium I can definitely agree with many others that the real value of second life is building many types of learning communities. The networking possibilities are spectacular and unlimited. The primary focus should not merely be replicating things from the real world but making contacts, building new learning communities, exploring and experimenting with the potential of this new virtual world where anything “is” quite possible.closing session at NMC 2007The closing session was excellent, it included an amazing  video titled “Watch the World’s),”that perfectly exemplifies all the unlimited exciting creative possibilities a virtual world can provide for networking, education and creative expression, a keynote address by Larry Johnson (aka: Larry Pixel) on “Why Creativity Matters” and a Virtual Panel Session from participants located all over the globe titled,” Reflections on Creativity in Second Life.”
Here is a link to the week’s events at the NMC Symposium on Creativity:
Here are some audio/video links from the Symposium
Please tell anyone there interested in Second Life to have their organization join the NMC in  RL as well as joining the NMC Guest group in SL to visit this amazing collaborative educational complex in SL.
Many colleges appear to have a primary educational island sim and several attached specialized learning sims for different generalized areas of study. Hopefully we are starting to create a base foundation for that with the initial establishment of the Buffalo State Island. We still have to surmount the hardware/security issues but we work very hard to accommodate anyone on campus that wants to research and explore the possibilities in SL. 

NMC is a wonderful mechanism to link internationally to others with similar interests. This is an area that can be really be developed for faculty as well as to encourage students to meet others, experience other cultures virtually and follow-up with a RL exchange that was initiated by an NMC International Linking initiative.

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